City on a Hill

16 06 2008

Sadly, what I am overlooking from my hill is not nearly as poetic as the original city on a hill concept, but instead a massive floodplain.  Fortunately, the Iowa River crested earlier and lower than expected.  I am perfectly safe, and not as stuck as I thought I was.  But, since one of my close friends is visiting me for a while, I’ve been a little off the map in the blogosphere.  Expect a “normal” post in a few days, but please stick around!  I’ve enjoyed seeing comments from so many new people recently.

Things I’m interested in reading/learning more about at the moment:

1) Agriculture/World Hunger/a book called The End of Food

2) Comedy/humour.  Laughter is good for me.

3) Fantasy books, especially urban fantasy

4) Books about different gender systems, especially in cultures around the world

5) Lesbian fiction




One response

18 06 2008

Glad to hear you’re doing ok. Eager to hear what you’re musing about.

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