Taking over the world (and making it peaceful) step one

21 06 2008

I’ve been researching jobs and I found what looks like the absolute perfect position for me.  It’s a one-year fellowship that would begin immediately after I graduate (September ’09, and I finish in August).  It’s with Human Rights Watch, and jibes perfectly in with what I want to do.  The catch?  500 people applied last year.  22 got interviews.  Holy shit.

I’m still going to apply.  What do I have to lose, really?  But I have low expectations.  Also, this means more work for me, as I have to select a twenty-page excerpt from my seminar paper from last semester, and I really don’t know which twenty pages to pick.




3 responses

21 06 2008

I’m crossing my fingers for you!

24 06 2008

That’s so great. I hope it works out for you. That is just such an incredible feeling- when you start reading about a job that makes you say, “That! That is what I was need to do!”

26 06 2008

Lis – Thanks!! I’ll need it 🙂

Cz – Yeah, I’ve had a lot like that in the past and haven’t gotten them (and had one that I did get and wasn’t as great as it sounded), but I’m still hoping.

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