Sometimes perhaps it’s best to keep my mouth shut

25 06 2008

I had an amusing encounter at the bookstore today.  I was perusing the LGBT section, which I tend to do frequently in June when they have 20% off everything for Pride.  I selected Best Lesbian Bondage Erotica 2008 and went to the counter to purchase it.

Me: The sale’s going on until the month of June, right?

Saleslady: Yep, till the end of the month.

Me: Awesome.  This is my third time buying books this month.  *laughs*

Saleslady: *smiles*

Me: I just had to get this one, you know, because my friend has a story in it.  I’d feel guilty otherwise!

Saleslady: *blank look*

I suppose when you buy lesbian bondage erotica, you’re not really supposed to chat about it.  Oops.  Failure at social graces #457.  Oh, well.




3 responses

25 06 2008
spinning jenny

Awesome. Next time just give her a suggestive wink as you walk out.

25 06 2008

This was great! When I bought “Stonewall” several months ago the saleswoman commented on the cool picture on the front. I just agreed with her that it was a cool picture. I had another GLBT book and was purchasing the L-Word at the same time. About that time, she seemed to get nervous and said “I don’t know what it’s about but, uh, cool picture. Yeah” l just smiled and let it go.

26 06 2008

Jenny – Haha! If only.

Meg – Aww, haha. I remember when I was sixteen or so once I checked out a big stack of lesbian books for a research paper at the library and I was *so* embarrassed. Things have, uh, changed a bit. 😉

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