File this under “no such thing as bad publicity”

11 07 2008

I wrote a very brief article today on Obama and McCain’s stances on LGBT issues, just a quick highlight of their positions on a few of the major questions.  It’s easily my quickest-to-gain-popularity article on Suite101, but the funny thing is that I’m getting several people coming from a website called, which is apparently a site in favor of the marriage amendment there.  A link to my article is prominently placed in the center of the page, labelled “Their positions on the ‘LGBT’ agenda.”  Wow, I never thought I’d get scare quoted!  What an honor!




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12 07 2008

I love that it’s the LGBT “agenda.” Damn those gays, and their crazy ideas about “equal rights”!

13 07 2008

so, I’m new to you, but you have totally made a scare-quote my new aspiration. ha ha.

regarding your article: did you find any information on whether Obama supports a trans-inclusive ENDA? I’m curious (especially given the recent congressional hearing on employment discrimination against trans folks.)

13 07 2008

W – Hee! A fine aspiration to strive for. Actually, I couldn’t find much of anything on trans issues 😦 Frustrating. That and a few other things I was curious about, such as IVF. I’m sure someone will bring it up, though. Also possibly of interest is an interview of Obama’s main guy in the campaign on LGBT issues by Jennifer Beals. I didn’t have time to watch the whole thing, as it’s very long, but I’m sure they got into at least some related topics.

14 07 2008

ooh, interesting. I will have to check that out. gracias.

25 08 2008
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