Mama Mia!

23 07 2008

I’d seen the trailer about a hundred times, as it’s the default load for AfterEllen video blogs, but I figured I probably wouldn’t see the movie.  As much as I love musicals and as huge a crush as I have on Meryl Streep, I just don’t have easy access to a movie theatre.  However, yesterday my friend Rita and I were hanging out at the Johnson County fair after my shift tabling for the clinic and we got the idea to go see a movie.  Apparently movies cost eight fifty now, which made my wallet cry a little, but it was a lot of fun.  It’s as feel-good as you would expect, with enough irreverence to excuse watching a chick flick, and Meryl is as always gorgeous and amazing in it.  I also thought the three men did a great job, and I giggled just a little seeing Dakin from History Boys in such a straight role.  Meryl’s performance of “The Winner Takes it All” was by far the best number, though the three women doing “Dancing Queen” (the first time) is hillarious.  I also thought Pierce Brosnan wasn’t bad with his musical numbers – not the best voice I’ve ever heard, but not bad either.  And of course, you can’t fault a PG-13 movie that puts a positive spin on sex and acceptance of women who have multiple partners.  Whoo!




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23 07 2008

I don’t think I stopped smiling through the whole movie. You’re right, “The Winner Takes It All” is the best – who knew Meryl Streep could sing like that? A-MAZING. Also – hello Christine Baranski! In her fifties with better legs than I’ve ever had! I think it’s almost impossible not to enjoy a movie when the actors look like they’re having such a blast doing it.

24 07 2008

rebecca – I knew she could sing from Prairie Home Companion, but this is something else! I did notice that both Christine and Meryl are *far* more flexible in their fifties than I am in my twenties, ha!

25 07 2008

Oh, I forgot about Prairie Home Companion! That was a nice movie. Kind of like hot chocolate on a rainy day. Yeah, I’m completely obsessed with Christine Baranski and her amazing flexible legs. She’s like my mom’s age. Amazing.

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