Some Comments I’ve Received

13 08 2008

My first feminist slam poem!  I’ve been really into Alix Olson lately and thought I’d try it.  I don’t love my speaking voice (or the lighting in this freaking video), but I do enjoy the format.  (Embed not working right now so clicky the linky).




2 responses

13 08 2008
amanda mae

Nice, Judith!

I was in a feminist writing group in high school and we had an Alix Olson CD we passed around for awhile that I enjoyed. I still love “Armpit Hair (Mammally Factual).”

16 08 2008

Hahahaha! That was AWESOME! I’m laughing out of pure enjoyment, just so it’s clear. Slam poetry is relatively new to me, but I really enjoyed that. Please, do keep it up!

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