My dream dinner party

20 08 2008

So a couple of months ago, I was thinking about who I would invite to a dinner party, if I could choose anyone I wanted.  I started with women-only, but then decided not to sex discriminate after all.  The sad part is, when my to-do list program (aka, my brain) crashed unexpectedly one day (as if there is such a thing as expected crashing), I lost everything.  That includes the list of invitees.  But nevertheless, I’ve thought about it all over again, and now I have for you the magic list, as I chomp on my mock sesame chicken and listen to the lovely Miss #6 on Air America.

  1. Adrienne Rich 
  2. Greg Mortensen
  3. Viggo Mortensen (not related)
  4. Ian McKellen
  5. Christiane Amanpour
  6. Rachel Maddow
  7. Sarah Haskins
  8. Kofi Annan
  9. Howard Zinn
  10. Bridget McManus
  11. Jenni Ferrari-Adler
  12. Claudia Roden
  13. Azar Nafisi
  14. Jessica Valenti
  15. Clotilde Dusoulier



5 responses

26 08 2008

I’ve had brief conversations with Azar Nafisi…but I have also spoken with Jane Goodall, and the late Kate Hepburn and would add them. Maybe I’d also add Schopenhauer and Darwin.

Hmm…but my dream list is a little less “scholarly.” Probably sitting around a table scantily clad with Adriana Lima (victoria’s secret model), Penelope Cruz, Melania Trump, and Amanda Moore (lesbian model).

We’re sharing a nice bottle of wine, and who the heck cares what they’re saying.

22 09 2008

oh my. judith. i am so gay for rachel maddow, you don’t even know. i also appreciate bridget mcmanus up there on your picks, among others of course.

22 09 2008

Leila – I know. What the heck is with MSNBC sticking lip gloss on her? You can put lipstick on a dyke, and she’s still a dyke, guys. *rolls eyes* I’m sticking with the radio show for that reason. I can pretend that she still has awesome spiky hair and stuff.

6 10 2008

hahahaha, lipstick on a dyke. excellent.
yeah, as i mentioned in another response, i’m pretty disappointed in her hair. but pretty proud that she’s so damn out.
i’m thinking since we all know she’s a lez why not let her be a lez on tv. ellen is a covergirl and very popular and all that jazz. rosie o’donnell is still kicking around somewhere. we need a dyke looking lesbian to start representing. i think my point that got lost in that somewhere is she’s out, everyone who watches knows she’s a dyke, it’s on MSNBC! and so why wouldn’t her audience accept her as she is. i mean. presumably they all know and like who she really is anyway.

10 10 2008

There was a lesbian comedian whose name escapes me on Brunch with Bridget (after ellen vlog) yesterday and she hit it on the head when she said that yeah, we have Ellen and Rosie, but Rachel is real, and she’s butch, and she’s extremely intelligent and of course we all have a crush on her. Though I know in my head that E and R are gay, there’s just something so “hollywood” about them. As an academic, it’s nice to have a political commentator to whom I can relate to as opposed to an actress.

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