Drive-by political commentary

4 09 2008

If you’ve noticed that things look rather thin around here, it’s because I’ve been putting time into a massive bookmark organization so that I can more easily talk about the past things I keep mentioning that I want to blog about.  I’ll be blogging a little like eating a sandwich from both sides for a while – posts on old topics starting from the oldest and posts on things that just happened as well, working my way to the middle.

So, my brief thoughts on the conventions thus far.  I haven’t been watching them straight through because I don’t have a TV (it’s better that way).  What I do is watch individual speeches on YouTube, and get my commentary from the Rachel Maddow show (hurrah Internet radio) and the Daily Show (hurrah free episodes).  I enjoyed Ted Kennedy’s speech and Hillary’s speech, though neither made me stand up and cheer.  Throughout Obama’s speech I was thinking “well if he can actually achieve all this shit, he really is Superman.”  The thing is, I think he believes that he can do it.  I like the content of the promises.  And so, despite the fact that I don’t believe that he can do ten percent of it, he is the best thing going.  I haven’t seen Palin’s speech yet, but I get the feeling things are going downhill pretty quickly for the Republicans. Surprise, surprise:  I’m all right with that.




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