Reason #754 Why I’m in Love with Rachel Maddow

26 09 2008

She has a debate drinking game.




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27 09 2008

Two weeks ago I hadn’t even heard of her, then I read a tiny snippet about her on a blog, so when I was looking for something to watch right before bed I saw her show was on and flipped to it. And I totally love her. She’s so fun! She’s got this whole can-you-believe-this?-I’m-so-entertained attitude, without being all nasty and off-putting like so many other pundits are. I feel like she’s just my super smart friend who’s giving me the lowdown on what’s going on.

29 09 2008

She’s freaking amazing. I recommend the radio show. I haven’t seen her on TV and frankly with how they’ve beautified her I don’t really want to, but on the radio she’s always spouting amusing tidbits and just being generally witty and awesome. You can listen every weekday from 6-8 EST at

6 10 2008

she’s not that bad as far as the makeup and outfits go.
i mean, she has to wear the suit, which is sorta a given. to be taken seriously, i guess. or something.
but she is pretty insistent on the “no obvious makeup” policy. i’ve been watching her show from the beginning and the makeup is becoming less and less present so i think she’s winning that battle. but they are making her hair look stupid. very stupid. you know like when you go to your hairdresser and ask for a lesbo haircut and they give it to you like they think a straight person would wear it and you’re all great i look like an idiot now thanks. kinda like that.

10 10 2008


Yeah, I see what you mean. I’m glad to hear it’s becoming less. I know *exactly* what you mean about that hair. My strategy is always just to keep saying “shorter” until it becomes a dyke haircut, without asking specifically. It sort of works.

19 10 2008

yeah, the shorter shorter approach does not always work for me. now i go to michelle at the g spot and when she first cut my hair i was like AUGH STRAIGHT and then thought IDEA! i will dress super gay to the hairdresser and that, i think, totally worked.

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