Lesbian Book Club Update!

11 10 2008

I’ve noticed several recent comments about the lesbian book club.  So far we have seven members signed up to the boards, and I think about ten said they wanted to join, so if you haven’t created an account for the boards yet, they are here.  We had three people discussing our last book (which is not bad for a first round!) and I’m hoping maybe five or six will join us next round.  So here’s what you can do if you want to get involved.

1) Go to the boards, sign up, and suggest a book in the “Book Suggestions” thread.  If we get suggestions, then I’ll make a poll and we can pick what we want to read first.  If we don’t, then I’ll just do a poll with a few suggestions of my own.  

2) I want everyone to be able to read, so if you’re interested but it will be difficult for you financially to buy a book every couple of months, e-mail me at judithavory@gmail.com with the locale of the library you use.  If you’re in two systems (for example, city and county, or city and university) tell me that as well.  I’ll check before I create the poll, and I won’t divulge your information to the group but I will note which books are more and less available.

3) If you have a blog, know a message board for lesbians (or LGBT in general), etc., please spread the word!  I’m not super clued-in on this, so I haven’t really known how to promote, but I’d love to.

4) I will make an announcement on this blog when the poll is open, as well as when we pick a book and when discussion starts.  I don’t want to crowd the blog with bookclub stuff, but it’s good to let new people know and I know it’s a pain to check the board all the time while it’s not very busy.  I missed a comment myself until just now (Sorry, Leigh!) 


And now, back to your regularly schedule programming.




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