Lesbian Poetry: Who Has a Suggestion?

17 10 2008

I’ve been a big fan of Adrienne Rich since my sophomore year of college in Baltimore, and my copy of The Fact of a Doorframe is much-loved indeed.  I recently discovered Marilyn Hacker, whom I am absolutely in love with.  She makes me think of a female Ferlinghetti, which is fabulous.  But I just realised that those two, plus Audre Lourde (also amazing) are the only lesbian poets I know.  Anyone have a favourite to share?

ps – If you’re in the book club, suggestions close and poll goes up at the end of the weekend.  Get those suggestions in!




4 responses

18 10 2008

Mary Oliver, Kay Ryan (the new US Poet Laureate). And of course, there’s a case for Emily Dickinson.

18 10 2008
Julie R. Enszer

Hi, Great blog! Here is an older list of books by lesbian poets that I recommend: http://julierenszer.blogspot.com/2006/04/top-ten-books-of-contemporary-lesbian.html.


20 10 2008

Thank you both! And GeekPornGirl, thanks for the reminder about Kay Ryan! I saw a blurb about her in the Times when she was named poet laureate and meant to check her out.

30 10 2008

Jackie Kay and Elizabeth Bishop

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