Election Predictions

4 11 2008

ETA: Correct predictions in blue, incorrect in red

Since I absolutely cannot work from the excitement, here are some predictions just for fun:


  • Obama wins 60% of the popular vote
  • Obama wins Iowa
  • Obama loses North Carolina


  • Bev Perdue wins in North Carolina (please?)


  • Elizabeth Dole wins in North Carolina (I hope not)
  • Harkin wins in Iowa
  • Democrats gain ten additional Senate seats


  • Loebsack wins in Iowa
  • Democrats gain twenty additional House seats

Ballot Measures

  • Proposition 8 passes
  • Measure 11 does not pass
  • Proposition 102 passes
  • Amendment 2 passes

Obviously, on some of those I’m hoping to be proven wrong, but we’ll see.  Maybe in 2012 I’ll actually do some real looking at House and Senate races and poll numbers, but this is just off the top of my head.  Tonight, after I hopefully do some work, I’m going to crack open a bottle of Palin wine and do some celebrating on my own, assuming there are results before I go to bed at nine.  Anyone have exciting election plans?




3 responses

5 11 2008

Please, no Prop 8. I will lose even more faith in humanity.
Also, I’m betting that Obama will win North Carolina, but you probably know better than me.

Here, I’m hoping that Prop 1000 wins, and that Christine Gregoire stays as governor. Dino Rossi scares me.

I wish you were here. I seriously need someone to hold my hand and play RISK with.

5 11 2008

Nicole – Actually I think Obama will win NC, but I went pessimistic with my predictions.

I know! I want to hold your hand and play RISK, that would be way better than spastically refreshing CNN every five seconds 😦

5 11 2008

I have started compulsively cleaning my entire house. Because the temptation to either…
a) consume lots and lots of wine
b) smoke a pack of cigarettes
c) check CNN every 3 seconds
…is very great. None of these things would be very healthy for me. I’m not that nervous for the presidential elections, but for all the smaller house and rep and bill elections. Yeek.

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