Call in Gay Day: Tomorrow!

9 12 2008

Just a reminder for those of you in work or school tomorrow, December 10th, that’s it’s the day to call in day.  People around the country, including LGBT people and their allies, will be calling in queer to work to demonstrate how important our presence is.  I, unfortunately, cannot participate, for the simple reason that I have nothing to do tomorrow but study hard for finals, and I can’t afford to blow that off to go volunteer, but if you do decide to call in gay, spend the day volunteering for your favourite queer (or otherwise) organization!




One response

9 12 2008

I wish I could do it, but living with your employers makes it…tricky. Or impossible. Plus the fact that I don’t get sick days. But I shall be eschewing coffee and internet and all that stuff – which will probably amount to nothing, but at least it’s a gesture.

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