Why My Public Library is Better Than Your Public Library

15 01 2009

We already have a copy of Jessica’s (of Feministing) Yes Means Yes on the shelves.  When I leave, can I take my library with me?




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16 01 2009

Boston Public Library has it too. If they were open on Sundays in the summer (they are only open on Sundays from Oct-April) they would be perfect.

16 01 2009

cz – Ooh, that is annoying. Ours is open Sunday but reduced hours. I’ve never been to the Boston Public Library – when I lived in the area briefly I went to the Wellesley one and that is… less than impressive. But I still have my library card!

16 01 2009

I am very glad to have chanced upon your blog. I look forward to discovering your thoughts/writing/ideas.

18 01 2009

At some point if/when you’re in Boston you should take a walk through. It’s got an impressive collection and if you like old buildings – it’s got it. The entrance from Copley Sq has the marble, the gilding, paintings along the ceiling… There’s even a trader joe’s about 2 blocks away to nourish the body as well as the soul. And when it’s time for the Boston Marathon- the finish line is right outside the entrance- so you can literally run across the fnish line.

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