Quick rant

28 03 2009

Nicki: “No sex is unhealthy for the mind, body and soul.”

That annoys me.  If she means to include masturbation, then ok, I’d agree, but the context suggests that she means partner sex.  I hate it when people suggest that there’s something wrong with you if you don’t have sex for a while – I think that’s a cultural thing.  Sometimes we just don’t want to have sex.  I’d much rather be celibate for a few years than have sex with someone I don’t trust or know well.




One response

29 03 2009

I agree – that was really annoying

As far as I can tell, Nicki is pretty much obsessed with sex. If she thinks that it’s unhealthy for her to be celibate, that’s fine, but some people just don’t have that need. (Myself included!)

I feel like Cherry Bomb often buys into quite the number of cultural norms in the name of ‘spirituality’, ‘health’, etc. And the loud ones (Nicki) always drown out the quiet ones (Gloria).

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