Tati Tuesdays: Week of June 23 – June 29

30 06 2009

What are Tati Tuesdays?  Tati Tuesdays are a weekly feature that highlights Things Around the Interwebs that I’ve found this week and want to share.  They’re a way to keep me engaged with you, the reader, without feeling the pressure to comment extensively and intelligently on every article I want to bring to your attention.  In addition to the acronym, they’re called “tati” because I tend to drink tea in the mornings while I surf the web.  Hence, “ta for the tea!” shortened to tati.

File it under…

Gay – Very, Very Gay

Just discovered the Savage Love Podcast.  If you like reading Savage’s column, you have to check out his podcast.  He has a great radio voice and is just hillarious in his answers to people’s questions about sex, sexuality, and relationships.  Where else can you hear someone say “what, did a pussy fall on his head?”

The Stranger’s Queer Issue 2009 is out.  Fabulous essays about all sorts of kink, following the theme “Shocked and Repelled: Our Dangerous, Depraved, Sometimes Hilarious Sex Lives.”

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation has a list out of Top 100 LGBT Blogs.

Colbert does a fairly gay Thursday episode with “Stonewalling” as the Word and a journalist who was at Stonewall as a guest.

Iran Update

Great interview last week with Reza Aslan on the Daily Show.  Check it out.

Looks Like Dick Was in Fact… a Dick

Richard Nixon apparently approved of abortion to avoid children being born of interracial relationships.

Rah, Rah, Home State!

I was excited about this but didn’t expect it to pass.  An anti-bullying bill focusing on sexual orientation-based school violence, among other things, passed the General Assembly by one vote.  As someone who lived in fear and anxiety as a queer kid in North Carolina, I’m thrilled to hear about this.

Resource List

Look here if your non-profit needs video services.

Victim Blaming 101

Cara has the scoop on a case of a strip club suing a 14-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped and assaulted before being forced to perform at the club.  Oh, how I wish this were surprising.




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