Tati Tuesdays: Week of June 30 – July 6

8 07 2009

What are Tati Tuesdays?  Tati Tuesdays are a weekly feature that highlights Things Around the Interwebs that I’ve found this week and want to share.  They’re a way to keep me engaged with you, the reader, without feeling the pressure to comment extensively and intelligently on every article I want to bring to your attention.  In addition to the acronym, they’re called “tati” because I tend to drink tea in the mornings while I surf the web.  Hence, “ta for the tea!” shortened to tati.

File it under…

Body Positivity

Really interesting post up on the Feministing community about what’s wrong with the BMI index.

Free Feminism

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m excited about a free feminist documentary.

Gay, Very Very Gay

You can now watch The Times of Harvey milk for free.

Some clarification on the Dehli High Court’s sodomy ruling.


Slate has a review up of task-manager programs.

Homophobia 101

More ridiculousness related to the Stonewall-like Forth Worth raid.

Some fishy stuff going down related to people of color at Pride.


A Code of Ethics for female attorneys.

Misogynistic Asshattery

Judge Kozinski of Ninth Circuit fame is being let off for some pretty gross shit.

Pop Culture Questions

A feminist interrogates pop culture’s vampire obsession.




One response

14 08 2009

i like info about the word taty tuesdays first iam puzzled what mean tati when i read this articles then i find his meaning tea i like it very much highlight things around the world and want to share in this week
i like it very much thanks for info

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