Heads Up on a Cool Offer

29 10 2009

I’ve been quiet again lately, posting more frequently on the F-Wave, which you should definitely follow if you get a chance. I did want to let you know about a great deal though. At yogadownloads.com, you can use the code Halloween at checkout and get a 50% discount. I found out about this website at the same conference where the F-Wave got started, and one of my fellow bloggers, Val, told me about it. I’m a newbie to yoga, but I fell in love with the site, where you can get a lot of 20 minute yoga downloads free, and the rest are in the $2-$7 range (plus that half off if you get them now). They have all kinds of yoga as well as meditation and breathing, and it’s good for beginners. You can sort by level and the classes are audio with PDF pose guides or a slideshow, so you can see exactly what you’re aiming for but you don’t have to be looking at the computer while you’re doing it. I find that even if I’m struggling with and unsure about poses during the practice, afterwards I feel energized and relaxed. I highly recommend the gentle hatha flow and chakra yoga if you’re new to it. Haven’t quite got into daily practice, but I’m getting there.