A Haiku

17 01 2009

Stars and Stripes

There’s red states and blue,

But what it all comes down to

Is the votes of whites.

Lesbian Poetry: Who Has a Suggestion?

17 10 2008

I’ve been a big fan of Adrienne Rich since my sophomore year of college in Baltimore, and my copy of The Fact of a Doorframe is much-loved indeed.  I recently discovered Marilyn Hacker, whom I am absolutely in love with.  She makes me think of a female Ferlinghetti, which is fabulous.  But I just realised that those two, plus Audre Lourde (also amazing) are the only lesbian poets I know.  Anyone have a favourite to share?

ps – If you’re in the book club, suggestions close and poll goes up at the end of the weekend.  Get those suggestions in!

Some Comments I’ve Received

13 08 2008

My first feminist slam poem!  I’ve been really into Alix Olson lately and thought I’d try it.  I don’t love my speaking voice (or the lighting in this freaking video), but I do enjoy the format.  (Embed not working right now so clicky the linky).