Blogging “Yes” Day 25: Real Sex Education

30 04 2010

For day twenty five of the Blogging “Yes” project, I read “Real Sex Education” by Cara Kulwicki.  Cara is one of my favorite bloggers because she keeps everyone updated on all the crappy victim-blaming stuff that goes on, but sex education is also one of her big topics.  I remember reading this essay for the first time and being really intrigued because I knew I was for comprehensive sex education, but I had no way of picturing what that would look like.  If you think about what Cara’s proposing, it really could be revolutionary.

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Blogging “Yes” Day 2: Sex As a Commodity Erases Women

6 04 2010

Welcome to the second day of the Blogging “Yes” project!  Today I read the essay “Towards a Performance Model of Sex” by Thomas Macaulay Millar, a litigator and active member of the online feminist community.  This essay picks up on the theme of entitlement found in Jill’s piece and explores the contrast between a “commodity model” of sex and a “performance model.”

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